My guess for Amazon HQ2


Specifically, I would guess this property

300 N.Greene Street, the former Social Security Administration building.  11 Acres.,-76.6249865,268a,35y,39.47t/data=!3m1!1e3


Reasons for my guess:

Has a shipping hub, though maybe not as much space as Seattle for accepting Sea shipments, it would aid in any shipments from Europe or a growing African economy.


On a major freeway to Washington DC, the easier to lobby with.


Close enough to several technical and business schools.


Larger middle and lower class work forces available to fill both management and stock/distribution roles.


Good access to air transportation.


The city has some good space to purchase, demolish and rebuild.


Baltimore also has the extra-work locals and activities already in place.  Sports teams, science parks etc.  Pretty on par with Seattle.


So that’s my guess.  Will be interesting to see if I am right.  Anyone want to place bets?


Sept 20 2017


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