Jul 132013
Jun 262013
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Apr 242013

So, I have a friend working on getting Prince of Persia running on original Apple ][ hardware. [Link] So dug this out for him to see if it would help him in his Newtonian pursuit.

Apple ][c

Apple ][c

Aug 132012

Otherwise known as the circumnavigation of Nevada!

We are driving down to Sierra Vista AZ to visit with some friends and making some stops along the way.

This is what our current route is looking like!

The Trip Down to Sierra Vista:

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The Trip Back Home

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Just 75 Hours in the car, and 4200+ miles.

Jul 142012

Lots of slow moving lightning storms in the area for the past 24 hours. Here are a few photos.

The full collection of photos can be found here:

A few highlights:

Mar 262012

Bought a new Bausch & Lomb Stereo Zoom 4 microscope from goodwill.

B&L Stereo Zoom 4

(Ok, so it’s a little older) Just had a little bit of dirt on it, and some loose adjustments, took a couple minutes to tighten and clean the optics, now it works just as it did when new!


Came with 10X WF occulars.  In combination with the 0.7X – 3X objective gives a 7X – 30X magnification.

All I have to do now is add a ring light and it will be good to go.

From cleaning it,  I can guess that its previous owner probably used it for winding guitar pickups.  There were several pieces of very fine magnet wire in the adjustments.  As well as obvious signs of glues and soldering irons hitting the knobs.  He or She was also a smoker and right handed.   That probably didn’t interest anyone though.